New Film Friday: Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day promises to be the comedy of the season with Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson, Julia Roberts and Jason Sudekis.


Mother’s Day celebrates mothers everywhere in depicting three generations that revolve around the television host, the divorcee looking for love, and a daughter longing to reconnect with her mother.

Sounds like something to take your mom to and bond over. For more inspiration, check out the trailer!



Advice from Carrie & Aurora

Don’t panic, but Mother’s Day is only 11 days away! Have you even given more than a passing thought on what you’re doing for your mom?

I’m sure you’ve thought of breakfast in bed and jewlery, but if you’re wanting to try something different, we have some ideas for you!Scrub

Gifts that encourage relaxation

1. Homemade Lavender Bath Salt. Why homemade? I’d say it adds sentimental value, but it’s also to ensure quality. If you want to buy something pre-made that’s high quality, you could be paying $20-$40. But with some epsom salt, liquid soap, olive oil, and lavender oil, you could make it yourself. Check out for the recipe.
Note: If you’re feeling ambitious, you can make homemade soaps too. You’ll need a double boiler and lye, but it’s do-able!
2. If you’d prefer something less ambitious than bath salts, there’s hundreds of recipes for sugar scrubs.
3. A comfy pair of slippers filled with bath/cosmetic products. You could also use a mason jar instead of slippers.

Gifts for decoration

b18d98e6d2510e5cebc9d60d2895489f1. A candle in a coffee cup. The best part is that you can make this yourself! gives a great tutorial for making a scented candle at
Note: if your mom has a wild side, you can use a martini glass for the candle instead of a coffee cup.
2. Mason Jar Vase. It seems that mason jars are among the 82b0b556ff3ece42192ae022c45ada0dlatest decorative fads when they’re done well. Using the right color of spray paint, you can coat the jar and find some flowers that accentuate the color…or you can purchase the one pictured from

Gifts that are useful
1. Top of the list is TrackR. It’s a coin-sized device that you attach to any item–wallet, keys, remote, etc. The app on your phone lets you track the TrackR so you never lose anything again…unless you lose your phone. The device is about $20 on ebay. see more at
2. Is your mom a coffee-lover? If so, this’ll be easy. A gift card to her favorite coffee shop, a new coffee mug, and after coffee mints are a few accessories sure to make her smile. (There’s a whole subculture that revolves around appreciating coffee that you can plunder for the perfect gift!
Note: If you get her mints, make sure to get her something with the mints. Do not give her a box of Altoids and then feign shock when she’s not happy.

Gifts that are edible
The concept of doing something edible is itself an idea, but there are easy ways of getting creative.
1. Glue your mom’s favorite candies at the center of artificial flowers and make her a bouquet.
2. No-bake cookies. Maybe you’re not that great at cooking (or maybe you’re just lazy). It’s fine; there’s no shame. Try this recipe at You’ll literally mix the ingredients and divide into cookie-sized piles. The laws of physics do the rest, and they’re really yummy.

Quality Time Ideas
For some moms, spending time focused on her says “I love you” more than even the most thoughtful gift. While this isn’t for every mom, consider taking your mom window shopping, for lattes, or even bringing her favorite takeout and movie to the house. As we said, this isn’t for every mom, but it’s for some moms.

We hope our advice has been useful. Feel free to leave your questions/comments/concerns in the comments. If you need more ideas, let us know!

❤ Carrie & Aurora

New Music Monday: Mean Jeans

Mean Jeans is making Punk Rock proud with their latest album, Tight New Dimension. All good Punk lets the music do its thang without being diluted with lyrics, as demonstrated in their lead single Michael Jackson was Tight.

“Michael Jackson was tight. When he died, that wasn’t tight. That’s pretty much all you need to know to enjoy this Mean Jeans’ song.” -

While we don’t promise that it’ll make sense, we do promise that it’s good. So check out Michael Jackson was was Tight from Mean Jeans’ new album Tight New Dimension.

We’re all flipped up about releasing Tight New Dimension to the world. We went to Mars and back recording it, chugging copious Coors and root beers in the process. We had to go to the future in a telephone booth just to take the freakin’ album cover photo.

New Film Friday– The Huntsman: Winter’s War


You’ll see a lot of familiar faces in The Huntsman: Winter’s War.  From the producers of Maleficent and Alice in Wonderland, we have the newest story in the Snow White universe.

If you remember Snow White and the Huntsman from 2012 (starring Kristen Stewart), our Huntsman Eric is the same one who assisted Snow White against Ravenna the Evil Queen.

This story starts when the Ice Queen Freya (that’s FREYA, not ELSA) is betrayed by her sister Ravenna. Freya retreats to her element and trains up an army of huntsmen to protect her and forbidding them to fall in love. Despite that, our hero Eric falls in love with a fellow warrior named Sara. Pretending to give them her blessing, Freya sets them up to be separated. However, they meet again seven years after Snow White’s reign begins.

When they meet again, Sara is still under Freya’s rule. Will Sara kill Eric? Will Freya kill them both? And is Ravenna really gone?

Check it out because it hits theaters today!

Advice from Carrie & Aurora

Watcha doin’ this weekend? Truthfully, we probably don’t know, but it’s never too early to plan.

No money? No problem! Check out this list that Carrie & Aurora comprised just for you!

If you’re raking in the dough…zip-nac-1034451-regular

$40/Person: Zip Nac- If you’re looking for something exciting, Zip Nac is the place to go.
The tour is by reservation only, so be sure to call Tuesday-Friday 9-5 to make yours. They can be reached at 936-645-5094. Also, be sure to visit

$40ish: Go to downloadthe Beach: The nearest oceanic beach is Bolivar Peninsula, which is about three hours from Nacogdoches. Galveston is also a popular choice and is about four hours away. You can save money by bringing food and drink, but if you decide to eat locally, be prepared to pay a pretty penny. Everything along the sea wall will be pretty pricey, including the burgers.

$40-$100: Rent a sweet ride- You have to be at least 21 to rent a car from Enterprise, and Spain2Cabrio-670x224they prefer you to be 25 or older. But this will be cool if you wanna take a joy ride, see if you can rent a convertible, maybe an off-road vehicle. If you own an automobile, check with your current insurance carrier to see if they insure your rental; if they do, you’ll save $$$ on rental insurance.

Moderately Priced…

the-liberty-bell$15: Liberty Bell- Located on Main Street, their appetizers start at $7, sandwiches/entrees range $8-15, and drinks reasonably priced. You must be at least 18 years old to enter without a parent, but their ratings are spectacular! If you’re planning on going this Saturday night, but sure to call ahead for a reservation. They tend to sell out when they have live performances (another reason why they’re our top pick).Nac Theater

$7.50-15/person: Movie- Carmike is a great choice for a movie because it’s local and easy on the wallet. But if you want something bigger and don’t mind traffic, they Cinemark in Lufkin is your pleasure. A movie can be a fun event for yourself or for a group. Don’t miss New Film Friday on our blog in two days!

Goin’ out on a dime…

slide1$5/Person: Zoo- The Ellen Trout Zoo in Lufkin is perfect for a Saturday outing. It’s inexpensive, local, and lots of fun! It’s also a great way to work in some exercise. If you’re a Native Nacogdochian, you may prefer to graduate to the Caldwell Zoo in Tyler. The Caldwell Zoo is at least four miles of exhibits, and is $11.50 per person. Visit and to plan your

$2/ Person: Planetarium- This is the best kept secret in Nacogdoches…or am I (Aurora) the only one who didn’t know? SFA’s had a planetarium since 1983 that can simulate the night sky of any Earth location of any date in the past for future. They regularly host events for the general public, so visit for more information.

FREE: Arts in the Park-  On April 23rd 5-7:00, check this for an evening in Festival Park with local talent in music, dance and theater. Free admission to the performance. Benefitting Temple Spray Park. Hosted by the Nacogdoches Parks Advocacy League.


For the home bodies…

999907-Best-Cherry-Pie-Photo-by-LA-e1443120989238$10-20: Bake a Pie- The price discrepancy is meant to be a realistic projection of how much you will spend on pie ingredients. Truthfully, it depends on the pie. Regardless, making a pie can be frickin’ hard…like a chocolate soufflé or a mille-feuilles. Our suggestion is to try something new. But there’s plenty of us that will be trying something new just to make homemade crust. No shame, just stretch those wings!F1FQROQG79DOPQN.MEDIUM

<$20: Scrapbook: If you’ve got some pictures, why not do something with them? You can purchase scrapbook supplies from Walmart or Hobby Lobby, or if you’ve got some old clothes, ribbon, and stickers, just do it yourself. It’s also great to insert old movie/concert tickets, keepsake jewelry, or other whatnots.

Surely you found something that appeals to you, regardless of your social or monetary situation. Feel free to leave your own suggestions in the comments!

❤ Carrie & Aurora

New Music Monday: Santana

Santana’s got a new album, but more than that, Santana IV is a reunion of the original band line up!

So, how’s that workin’ for Santana?

“It was magical,” Santana said (via Vintage Vinyl News). “We didn’t have to try to force the vibe – it was immense. From there, we then needed to come up with a balance of songs and jams that people would immediately identify as Santana.”

So, why Sanatana IV? It’s a follow-up to 1971’s Santana III. The new album’s artwork recalls the famous lion image from Santana’s first album.

“When you can go back and break new ground with joy and determination – and some whoop-ass energy – it gets you going,” Santana said. “I think we achieved something very rare. This music was screaming to come out of us. It wasn’t about nostalgia. It was about passion.”


This is spectacularly exciting for anyone who grew up listening to Santana! Check out “Anywhere You Want to Go,” Santana IV’s lead single.

“Carlos and I feel more connected than ever,” said Schon, who left the Santana band to co-found Journey with Rolie in 1973. “We get super-aggressive when we play, but also melodic and poetic. We have an incredible dialog with each other on our guitars.”

New Film Friday: Jungle Book

Jungle Book hits theaters today and has something to offer everyone! The familiar Disney story line appeals to adults with actors like Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson for a well-rounded family film like only Disney can give!


The storyline follows Mowgli who was raised by wolves since birth and leaves home after a terrible tiger, Shere Khan, asserts his mighty roar. With the help of a rigid panther and a laid-back bear (played by Bill Murray), Mowgli meets a host of jungle animals that teach him invaluable life lessons as he sets out on a voyage of self-discovery.

Advice from Carrie & Aurora

Whether you’re working hard or playing hard, you definitely need time to relax and recalibrate when you get home. For some of us, it’s hard to relax when all you see is clutter and things that need to be done.

We’ve found a tried-and-true schedule to help you spend less time cleaning, and make your “me” time guilt-free.

Chore List Revised

You’ll notice that this schedule allows you to have the weekend off from deep cleaning. So make your weekend plans knowing that you’ll be coming home to a clean and well-kept apartment!

If you’ve got any tips that you wanna add, just let us know in the comments!

❤ Carrie & Aurora

New Music Monday: Deftones


If Alternative Metal is your pleasure, you’ll love Deftones’ latest album, Gore. The album just released on April 8th features eleven of the sixteen songs written in the creative process, but Moreno says he’s happy to have it reach the listeners’ ears after a year and a half  since the album’s inception.

“The songs have a lot of different moods.” He further explained that it was not a “happy record,” but also “not a completely angry record”. -Moreno interview w/Kerrang!

Deftones is no newcomer to the metal scene, but they did pressure themselves to deliver quality music to their audience. Now that the writing and recording is over, Moreno says the band feels “relieved,” but also excited to see the audience’s response.