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New Film Friday–Captain America: Civil War

Ever wondered who would win if vamp Bella Swan fought Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Probably not. But at least a credible number of people have wondered what would happen if Captain America and Iron Man threw down. Not for fun, but if they were for real at war with each other.

Although this face off has already taken place in the comics, the movie release is interesting timed after the release of the DC comic equivalent of Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice (alluding to the formation of the Justice League).

Compare and contrast with DC aside, Captain America: Civil War parallels something significant to us. After a catastrophic event that ends with the Avengers leaving collateral damage, the American Government decides it needs to have all superheros registered and held accountable. Iron Man and Captain America have different beliefs about what the American government ought and ought not supervise.  Alluding to civil war does emphasize how divided our country is, and what can that lead to?

Marvel has always impressed fans with spectacular story lines that remain true to the original comic, and that’s why we’re so excited to see this film!

This movie is rated PG-13.


Advice from Carrie and Aurora

Hey Everyone!

It’s that time of year again! Texas heat is brutal and you may find difficulty keeping your apartment comfortable, even with a brand new AC unit.

We’ve devised some tips for working your AC smarter, not harder. 

Here are some tips for keeping cool and maximizing your AC:

  • Be sure to keep your blinds closed.
  • The windows in your apartment are single-paned which means heat passes through them easily. So, thermal curtains should be a big help in keeping heat out.
  • Make sure your leave your bedroom door open and your bathroom door shut to maximize your air flow.
  • We also strongly recommend not turning your thermostat up during the day—that makes your AC have to work extra hard in the evening and raises your electric bill!
  • Remember that residents are entitled to a FREE AC filter. Be sure to pick one up in the office every month! 
  • And finally, please be aware that appliances (dishwasher, toaster, oven, even your freezer) and electronics put off heat.

If you try all these tips to no avail, then feel free to contact the office to have your AC inspected.

❤ Carrie & Aurora

New Music Monday: Brian Eno

“Ambitious yet intimate” is how the Wall Street Journal describes The Ship, Brian Eno’s second solo album this decade.

Mr. Eno cites as inspiration his belief that “the hubris of our ever-growing power contrasts with the paranoia that we’re permanently and increasingly under threat.”
-Wall street Journal

We urge you to check out the title track, The Ship. It uses synthetic orchestral sounds to  open the mind’s eye and create an experience rather than a song. This more than compliments the dark imagery created by his droning throaty vocals that swell and recede with the music.

Further stimulus, [Eno] adds, was provided by his fascination with World War I and interest in the Titanic, at one time “the apex of human technical power.” He focuses on human suffering in vast settings—the blood-soaked fields of Belgium and the desolate North Atlantic Ocean. -Wall Street Journal

The Ship is an explorative work of art that captures the experience of human suffering in an almost post-modern fashion.

Let us know what you think in the comments!